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BASE / STACK corner 45°


(BASE/STACK = 500mm deep, with casters)
Optional 45 ° corner furniture constellation for furniture widths 375mm, 750mm, and 950mm, fully assembled. Design your sewing and hobby room with additional furniture for your accessories.

Designed, developed and produced “Made in Germany”

Wood pattern: 5 colors
Different front colors: 5 colors and 3 additional (concrete look, diamond gray, sienna red)
Width options: 375mm for all narrow accessory furniture, 750mm for all wide accessory furniture, 950mm for “sew inner”



BASE/STACK corner 45 ° offers the possibility of arranging furniture combinations at 45 degree angles. This advanced furniture option consists of left and right 45 ° corner furniture, which you attach to your main piece of furniture on each side using connecting screws. The rear sharp panel and the supporting side of the main piece of furniture are assembled in the factory. Then you can easily expand your desired combination on the left and right side.

Corner width for narrow furniture (375mm): 810 x 810mm
Corner width for wide furniture (750mm): 1060 x 1060mm
Corner width for “sew inner” (950mm): 1210 x 1210mm
Height: 750mm




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