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STACK viera


(STACK = 500mm deep, with base)
Narrow accessory container on a firm base, with two thread pullouts and 3 drawers. Design your sewing and hobby room with additional furniture for your accessories.

Designed, developed and produced “Made in Germany”

Wood pattern 5 colors
Different front colors: 5 colors and 3 additional (concrete look, diamond gray, sienna red)


STACK viera, the narrow accessory container, expandable to the left and right with additional pieces of furniture, provides enough storage space to start your hobby. In the upper area the container is equipped with 2 thread partial extensions, one of which can be fitted as an internal extension for thread spools up to a maximum height of 70mm and the lower one as an external extension for thread spools up to a maximum height of 75mm. These extensions can be easily removed for sorting work, and there are a total of 450 holes for which 225 wooden pegs are provided. This is followed by 3 drawers on partial extensions, with an inside width of 279mm, an inside depth of 435mm, and a maximum height of 130mm. The bottom drawer has a height of only 115mm. All furniture from the BASE, EXTEND, and STACK model series can be fitted together by using the pre-drilled metal connecting screws with sleeves. Color matched cover caps are included unless otherwise requested.

The 3 drawers can also be individually fitted with a perforated plate (32mm grid) with 250 holes and 125 wooden pins for an additional charge. There is also the option of a plug-in partition for the drawers, which can be plugged into the perforated plate. This consists of 2 longitudinal and 3 transverse subdivisions. If you wish, you can have all pull-outs and drawers equipped with a very stable full extension system.

Width       375mm
Depth       505mm
Height      750mm




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