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Our history since 1898

This year our most important goal remains to bring the new models into sales in Europe and far beyond. Our new price list will be available by the end of March, a completely new website will go online in April and our new brochure 2021 “THE future STARTS” will follow at the end of May. Our new furniture can be seen everywhere there. For this reason, we have to expand our high-bay parts warehouse by over 120 pallet spaces in the spring. A quantum leap in parts picking will be our new, up to 5.3 meter high, person-occupied picking truck with an additional platform lift. Thanks to these measures, we can deliver our entire product range to the customer within 2-4 weeks. Furthermore, we would like to equip all of our personal workstations with health-friendly step mats by May at the latest. In spring, probably April, our RMF substation will be relocated. This work is necessary to tackle the two-story extension WEST, which has already been approved, in the near future.

We have many, as we are always having new visions. There are always plenty of good reasons not to take a risk. But if you only ever do what worked in the past, one day you’ll wake up and realise you’ve been overtaken.

Across a production area of approximately 3000 m², we manufacture using the very latest machinery and with a very flexible TEAM. Our production is focused on specialist and system equipment, property interiors – particularly furniture production, cabinet systems for schools and properties, specialist room equipment for textile rooms, workshops, designing rooms, pottery studios, computer rooms, school facilities as well as furniture for creative hobbies such as sewing, patch working, quilting, crafting. If required we also produce larger and smaller items and in the supplier sector we produce a wide range of different boards with a wide range of specialist surfaces. All edges are glued using waterproof PU glue. We specialise in producing furniture made from all types of board materials.

Our sales regions are Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Estonia, England, Greece, Malta, Iceland, Guadeloupe (Caribbean), South Africa and Korea.

Sale and distribution in Germany and Switzerland is generally via well known full-service suppliers and fitters. Please contact us by phone for the contact details of our sales partners.

Actually our 60th anniversary year. Unfortunately, our senior partner Eugen Rauschenberger passed away this year. We keep him in loving memory. There was a lot of work in his life.

The year 2020, our most dynamic year in the company’s history. We developed several new models for the CREATIVE HOBBY, for embroidery, quilting, sewing, ironing, office, and much more. Prototypes were built and pushed through to series production. Patentable developments for new markets have been integrated into the TWIN and Q-TABLE models. Hundreds, no thousands, of new photos taken in the top studio www.huber-khf.de. New films were made. We are proud to present our models CUBO sew-master, sew-flex and office, TWIN fold and fix, IRON, STICKER, Q-TABLE twist and longarm, E-TABLE office, HANGER, CORNER 45 °, DUO XL in 2021 to be able to present. That was a mammoth project. Furthermore, two new design front decors such as sienna red and diamond gray have been added to our product portfolio. This was followed by the introduction of the new Office 365 operating system on all internal computers. Implementation of a completely new SERVER with a new backup structure and UPS. Further development of the management of the internal parts high-bay warehouse with automatically recognizable post-production of the missing parts with our own RMF-PPS system. We are grateful that we were able to pay our hard-working employees a large Corona bonus this year. Thanks to the whole team.

This was the year we made the most investments since RMF was founded. We have created a completely new, cozy factory exhibition with approx. 150m² for the RMF consumer area. In this great flair you can now get competent advice. We have created a new meeting room there for up to 14 people. Kitchen, bar and catering area included. Acquisition of a new sawing warehouse center for panel materials. This almost 400m² computer-controlled BARBARIC storage area at an intermediate height of approx. 3.5 meters contains 36 stacking spaces with a maximum stacking height of 1.6 meters. In order to ensure fast delivery, an average of around 2000 large panels are stored in this. The new HOMAG sawteq B-300 panel saw below is automatically equipped with this. In order to keep the workload when stacking the parts as low as possible, several scissor lift trucks with an automatic height control system were procured. In addition, a new, fully automatic destacking center from BARBARIC with up to 5 stacking locations has been integrated behind our double-sided HOMAG KLF 526 edging line. A wide variety of parts can be stacked here by means of automatic measurement. In the course of these machine investments, the RMF – PPS system developed by us was introduced in production. PCs with TOUCH screens have been set up at every key cost center. With this we can exactly map the status of the production step internally and recognize each other. We have also upgraded our Mircotech BüroPlus order software to the ERP software. Additional furniture developments have been initiated in the background. These will be implemented in sales in 2020. The building permit for the planned extension west with approx. 400m² on two levels, with an additional loading station for trucks, was granted. Construction is not scheduled to start before 2022.

This year, sales of our product family THE new GENERATION from CREATIVE-HOBBY-ROOMS were promoted. First of all, our entire website was revised and converted to the innovative furniture system. The languages ​​English and French have been integrated and revised. Over 650 images and texts in the three languages ​​have been added. Our engagement in the field of social media such as Facebook and Instagram has been redefined. Furthermore, for reasons of the increased export share, we have had our trademark protected with the RMF logo at home and abroad. The patenting of our self-developed, electrically controlled easy-soft-tech lift system and the 3-part glassless mirror TRAVEL have been completed. We can really be proud of these patents. Further investments were the expansion of our HOMAG KLF to a double-sided simultaneous equipping of narrow parts, the soundproofing of our cyclone on the chip silo, the installation of an intermediate platform for packaging material with 150m² in the dispatch area, a new LED lighting underneath for the dispatch control, the investment in a new one Vectorworks CAD program, and finally the conversion of telephony to the latest IP technology. This year we have achieved the goal we have long pursued of selling our innovative products in the USA with our partner BREWER Sewing in Chicago (Aurora). Many thanks to the entire BREWER team for this.

Investment in a new energy-saving SCHUKO vacuum extraction unit for all machines. This is designed for an air volume of almost 35000 cbm/h. In addition there was an investment in a new energy-saving SCHUKO vacuum extraction unit for all machines. This is designed for an air volume of almost 35000 cbm/h. A new transport pipe with a soundproof cyclone separator was also laid to the existing shavings silo. The entire system including return air duct and frequency-controlled, energy-saving motors is controlled via a Siemens CPU 313 system with touch panel and therefore complies with the latest energy regulations. Investment has also been made in a new vertical HOMAG-WEEKE BHX200 processing centre with automatic particle return. This takes the pressure off our main processing centre and means that more work can be done using the automatic TBA stacking machine. An investment was also made in a new screw compressor from RENNER which complies with the latest energy saving regulations. Expansion of our connecting building for package distribution warehouse. Introduction of an organised parts flow system with intermediate storage from cost centre to cost centre. The market launch the end of 2017 of our ‘THE new GENERATION’ from the CREATIVE HOBBY ROOMS product family.

Investments in a new, second HÖFER corpus press and a BÜTFERING grinding machine, and various small machines. Establishment of a new foreman’s office with two ergonomic workstations, including new software and hardware. Introduction of the software program MAILSTORE for clearer mail traffic including separate server backup of mails. Complete renovation of our roof with over 1900m², including the roofing of the space between the halls. Installation of skylights in the space. As a result, more than 100m² of production space could be gained.

Renovation and redesign of our RMF factory display. Internal addition of a new meeting room. Installation of surveillance cameras outdoors and for machine surveillance. Redesign of our CREATIVE-HOBBY-ROOMS 2015 brochure. As is the case almost every year, we continued to attend a wide range of consumer trade fairs and the international trade fair h&h Köln (International Trade Fair for Creative Handicraft + Hobby Supplies).

This year we gave our entire company building a completely new look. As part of this, the main entrance was refurbished in a contemporary style, a new sectional gate was installed at the truck loading area, the exterior design was updated in line with the logo colours and the entire building was repainted. Highly visible company lettering including our logo and illumination was attached to the shavings silo and the main entrance. At the Castle in nearby Unterschwandorf, a new film was also made and photos were taken for the new models MULTI, BASE, EXTEND, STACK and the innovative LED light table. Our homepage was redesigned and optimised for all end devices (tablets and smart phones). Investments were also made in a new dowel inserting machine, two new 64-bit computers, laser printers and a new time recording system.

Creation of our new “CREATIVE HOBBY ROOMS 2013” brochure. All of our new models were photographed, partly including people, at the Huber furniture photo studio in Nagold. Russian was included as a new fourth language in the brochure. Investment in an entirely new, environmentally-friendly heating boiler system from the company Nolting. This computer controlled system comprises wood combustion producing almost 500 KW which we can heat fully automatically with our own waste shavings and in accordance with the latest emissions regulations. All heating circuit pumps were replaced by highly effective energy-saving pumps and the 100% insulation of hot water pipes was completed. Procurement of a new 12 ton truck in line with latest Euro 6 standard environmental technology. This has a trailer and advertising design showing our new products.

Shavings and dust extraction optimised by new extraction unit in the processing centre in order to reduce the impact of dust on our employees. Investment in the new condensation dryer for the compressed air system. Internal ongoing development, design and testing of our new products series “CREATIVE HOBBY ROOMS” for presentation at the International Trade Fair for Creative Handicraft + Hobby Supplies in Cologne in 2013.

Material flow optimisation. This again significantly improved the time required for the production process. Relining of our wood shavings boiler to continue to ensure environmentally-friendly combustion of our wood waste. Investment in a new hydraulic board and specialist press including oversize dimensions 4400 x 1650 mm. This now also enables boards to be produced with different coatings and in large sizes. Heating is provided in an environmentally friendly manner via the company’s own hot water supply using wood shavings heating. Two heat exchangers provide further energy optimisation.

Renewal of internal office with renovation and installation of new office furniture together with completely new EDP wiring. Investment in new plastic windows with thermal insulating glass for our offices and social areas.

Expansion of a sales structure in the area of sewing furniture (export) and system and property equipment.


Preparation of a new and temporary entrance from the south for large chip boards and for receipt of other goods. Construction of our new warehouse of approx 500m² for storing large format chipboard in 6 m high cantilever shelving. Construction begins mid-March to start of August. This warehouse will optimise our internal flow of material. Reorganisation of the entire depot with parking spaces and installation of a separation structure for waste water filtering. Construction period from start of August to end of September. This will create optimal conditions for goods in, goods out and loading. Heat recovery from the waste air from our compressed air system together with monitoring of inside air.

Investment in building land for a range of expansion areas and transformation of these areas by means of establishing a new development plan in the commercial area. Purchase of land to the north. This ensures the planned expansion of a warehouse (500m²), office (200m²) and display space (200m²). Investment in expansion areas to the south. This facilitates the creation of a new production area of more than1600 m². New development plan established and transformation of the expansion land in the commercial area. Raising the chimney to ensure better smoke extraction to protect the environment. Investment in the new shredding plant for chipboard remains.

Complete reconfiguration of the machine room with several new large and small-scale machines, investment in a new double-sided edge banding line with automatic handling and stacking. Investment in a new processing centre BOF 211 with automatic robot stacking. As a result, an entirely new production structure will be established in order to generate further production capacity.

Retirement of shareholder Eugen Rauschenberger (senior) in August. He shall remain available to the company as a consultant with his creative powers undiminished. Company name changes to RMF – Rauschenberger, Möbel mit Funktion e.K. (Owner Jörg Rauschenberger). Site assured by means of establishing a new development plan with the help of the city of Nagold. The opportunity now exists to expand the office production area by more than 2500 m². A new 500 m² warehouse for raw material is also planned.

Investment in a new, state-of-the-art, computer-controlled panel saw with cutting optimisation, includes transfer of data from work preparation. Investment in a new paintshop in accordance with the latest EU guidelines.

Raising the shavings silo to an overall height of 13 m – representing state of the art technology, improvement of shavings transportation and heating.

4th generation change in company name to Rauschenberger OHG, Möbel mit Funktion. Geschäftsführern Eugen u. Jörg Rauschenberger.

Retirement of shareholder Karl Rauschenberger, Jörg Rauschenberger (jun/ 4th generation) joins the company.

Addition of state-of-the-art, 220m² varnishing shop and 80 m² veneer department in compliance with the latest environmental regulations.

Move into the new company building. Change of company name into Gebr. Rauschenberger, and additional production in the supply sector for a range of furniture manufacturers such as Rolf Benz, Gabelmann-Sitzmöbel, Remp – Küchen, Elsässer Rottenburg, ORG – Delta, HORN – Nähmöbel

New building development in the commercial and mixed-use area of Talaue 35, Nagold-Schietingen with a production area of 1700m².

Addition of second floor; sales structure extends into Southern Germany.

3rd generation Company formed on 1 May 1960 by sons Eugen und Karl Rauschenberger. New development of a furniture workshop in the centre of Schietingen. The production of sewing furniture was taken on from the local company Pfefferle. Distribution via sewing machine manufacturers and dealers in Baden- Württemberg.

2nd generation Georg Rauschenberger takes over joinery. Skilled craft production

1st generation, small-scale sole-proprietor joinery for the production of house doors and furniture.

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